Monday, February 23, 2009

Clay Aliens- Second Grade

This is such a fun art lesson! The kids are so into it and the possibilites are endless with how they can create their clay alien. After creating a 2D sketch of an imaginary alien, we used the hollow egg technique with clay. Every student had a different plan to building the alien, using the scratch and slip method of course. I am so excited to see them painted! We also will be writing a short story about the name of the alien, what planet they are from, powers they have and more!

Also, a picture of the Thiebaud inspired cake paintings. Yummy!!


Kellim said...

How do you do the hollow egg technique?

Mrs. Coughlin said...

hollow egg technique- make 2 pinch pots and score/slip them together to create an egg shape that is hollow. hope that is helpful :)