Monday, February 23, 2009

Relief Sculptures- Fourth Grade

Here is a picture of a soap sculpture. The kids love this because it is so relaxing and everyone succeeds. I don't have pictures of the process because my hands were so soapy! The relief sculptures turned out awesome. A fellow art teacher, Jen Snead from introduced me to this lesson (I work with her every Wednesday at Chets Creek! She is amazing and also my mentor. I am really lucky!!) The students begin by using glue to put together a radial balanced design. We used styrofoam because I had a ton of it. But cardboard or shirt board and flat wooden pieces might be more successful. Aluminum foil is then placed on top and the students press down really well for a while to create the relief sculpture. Black ink was added to gain an "aged look". I like that every one is different and each student was so proud!

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Mrs. Snead said...

Don't you love this project???? I know your students did. They really turned out nice.