Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Paper Line Sculptures

This has been such a great end of the year project for 4th graders. After reviewing the use of monochromatic, students made 12 sections on a sheet of paper and filled each section with different designs. Keeping their designs small and close together was the key to make this successful. Next, students cut 20 strips of paper and rolled their paper into "pixie stick" looking sticks. Then students drew a plan of their sculpture which had to be able to stand. A low-heat glue gun was used to put their sculpture together. The kids are having a great time with the entire process. So far the results are awesome!


Ali said...

Love this project! The kids are having such a great time! Wish you were at my school!

Aunt Mary said...

What beautiful artwork you have created and taught to you students. We are so very proud of you for achieving your award and the success of teaching your students the beauty of art.
We Love and miss you here in Cleveland.
All our Love,
Aunt Mary, Uncle Jim, cousins Michael and Evan