Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Scenes in Abstract Style- 6th Grade

We discussed how to create a landscape using 3 sections (foreground, mid-ground, background) and viewed Paul Cezzane's landscape painting, Meadow and Farm.  The painting is realistic but the thick brushstrokes added a sense of abstraction.  They noticed the positive and negative space he created as well as how the artwork is balanced.  Many students were interested in created depth in their scene.  The  6th grade students sketched a landscape creating the 3 sections then painted in dry-brush style to attain textured trees and scenery.  The colors are fantastic and the different lines and final touches make each painting incredibly unique! Some of the works are hanging in the hallways and the students are really excited about that! 


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Mary said...

I really like the colors and expressive brushstrokes in these landscapes. Nice!