Monday, November 8, 2010

Paper Mache Snowmen- 4th Grade

4th grade students are creating paper mache snowmen for Christmas.  So far, we have created the base using newspaper and masking tape.  The kids and I can't wait to get this going!



Dan (the monster-man) Reeder said...

Yes,I'm so happy you are not using balloons! Crumpled paper and masking tape are definitely the way to go.

My I suggest one other tip. When you paper mache, only put your hands in the paste, not the newspaper strips. It will make life much easier. Keeping the hands really wet will soak the strips and push out all the air bubbles. When you put the paper in the paste it tends to disintegrate. It's hard to squeegee it off. You get globs of paste that won't dry along with air pockets. Just your hands is the way to go especially with kids. And only one piece of paper at a time.
Good luck! You are a saint for doing this with kids.

Hallie said...

Thank you Dan! That is a really good suggestion. I hope this goes well...haha :)