Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monkey-ing Around in 2nd Grade

My little monkeys (2nd graders) loved painted monkeys! We talked about Henry Rousseau's jungle paintings and noticed the monkeys in his paintings.  After discussing the habitat of a monkey, the students began sketching.  Some students branched out and their monkey left the jungle...we have ninja monkey, beauty queen monkey, business man monkey, rock star monkey, and surfing monkey!  I love their enthusiasm and creativity the 2nd graders had towards this project.


Phyl said...

So cute! Did you have images of monkeys for the kids' reference, or did you do directed drawings, or what? They are adorable.

Hallie said...

Both- always have a lot of images on hand! I did a demonstration of how to draw a basic monkey as well. They put their own twist on it though :) Thanks for your compliment!