Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can we Free Paint? - 2nd grade

After painting the backgrounds of their cities, 2nd grade students really wanted to "free paint."  The idea of "free painting" is not something I encourage in my classroom.  It is way too messy and there is no room to put the final project.  However, we had 15 minutes at the end of class and I thought why not?  There really is nothing like giving your students a paintbrush, paint, and a sheet of white paper and have them create without a care in the world!  I asked them to write their first initial and the rest was up to them.
Here we have "Lovable Lana", "Mighty Milo", "Energetic Ella", "Brave Brayden", "Artistic Anna", "Radiant Reegan" and "Jubilant John" creating one of a kind- end of the year- masterpieces that have perfect personal artistic touches!

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