Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Colorful Layered Landscape Paintings- 4th Grade

4th grade students learned about landscapes.  They focused on creating three sections- the foreground, mid-ground, and background- to breakdown the landscpaes into a simple format.  After lightly sketching, the first layer of paint was added to each section. We tried "dry brush painting" which is using the tip of the paintbrush and not a lot of paint.  The streaks created show the paper through the paint allowing for another color to be added once dried.  Not only does this technique help save paint, but it creates awesome layers of colors and textures. The idea was to paint the realistic landscape scene with abstract colors.  The results are amazing!  Every students painting was successful and beautiful.  Each painting resembles a different time of day or season depending on the colors used.  


Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

These are fabulous ( I especially like the one second top - lovely movement!) I love doing non-realistic colors with this age group - it makes them leave their comfort zone and have FUN with color!

Mrs. Coughlin said...

Thank you Elizabeth! These are truly beautiful paintings!