Friday, September 28, 2012

How to prevent getting a cold in the ART ROOM!

The fall (and soon winter) months are quickly approaching bringing the beautiful changes of the seasons! Colorful leaves, crisp air, pumpkin spice lattes (everything pumpkin...yum!) football games, warm apple cider, cozy blankets, fabulous boots and cute jackets....and the sniffling, coughing, grossness that we are all too familiar with.  Having every kid in the school enter your class room guarantees having the most germs.  How do you prevent catching the cold in you Art Room?  Here are a few tips to help prevent catching a cold this season. 

1.  Use disinfecting wipes to clean off the tables and supplies at the end of each class.
2.  Keep tissue boxes around the room near the garbage cans. 
3.  Wash hands as often as possible!
4.  Take a multi-vitamin, echinacea, goldenseal, and vitamin C every day. *or as instructed by a doctor
5.  Drink a lot of water, exercise daily, get enough sleep, and eat healthy meals!


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