Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hundertwasser Houses- 3rd Grade

Friedensreich Hundertwasser inspired 3rd grade students to create a house that was colorful, full of patterns, and influenced by nature.   The Austrian artist and architect is best known for his colorful buildings he designed with attention to the environment and nature.  Hundertwasser's  paintings are whimsical and fun just like his amazing buildings he designed.  The Hundertwasserhaus truly helped inspire this project.  We used collage materials and finished with oil pastels in the background and for the details.  I love the trees growing on the roof tops just like the real buildings!  The students are very pleased with their artwork and wouldn't mind living in a house like the ones they created!


Mark Wagner said...

You get such great art of of these kids - so impressed, how fun! ~MW

Mrs. Coughlin said...

Thank you M :) I have a great group this year!