Friday, March 11, 2011

Matisse Inspired Still-Life Collage- 3rd Grade

3rd grade students learned about Henri Matisse and the wild colors he painted with.  We discussed complimentary colors, and pained their paper one group.  (Green and Red, Purple and Yellow, or Orange and Blue) The painted a plant, 2 pieces of fruit and a cup of some sort on a separate sheet of paper. By the next week, when it was dry, they cut out their still-life objects and glued it on their complimentary color paper.  Details were added with oil pastels to make the artwork look original and finished.  The bright colors are fantastic and each student put their own twist on the background.  I love the Venus Fly Traps and the bright, tropical looking flowers!  The designs and color choices were outstanding as well!  This is such a successful project and gives them a great chance to create an original still-life.   ThinkCreateArt


Fine Lines said...

The colors are terrific! Did you use tempera?

Miss Spooner said...

thank you!! they turned out great! tempera paint and oil pastels for details.